Contemporary Art Fair in Madrid from March 6 to 10
Contemporary Art Fair in Madrid from March 6 to 10
Discover the vibrant world of contemporary art at the Contemporary Art Fair in Madrid, ARCO, taking place from March 6 to 10. Immerse yourself in a unique experience where avant-garde, artistic dialogue, discoveries, and immersion come together to offer a feast for art lovers.

The Most Complete Artistic Experience

ARCO Madrid 2024 invites you to explore a fascinating showcase of innovative and provocative works created by renowned contemporary artists. From paintings challenging conventions to multimedia installations merging diverse forms of expression, each piece is a window opening to creative thinking and the constant evolution of art today. This event is a unique opportunity to delve into new perspectives and challenge your own perceptions of contemporary art.

ARCO Madrid goes beyond being merely a visual display; it is a vibrant space for artistic dialogue. Engage in conversations and discussions about art with industry professionals and art enthusiasts. Discover the concepts behind the artworks, personally meet the artists, and participate in debates that will enrich your understanding of contemporary art. The fair offers a unique experience where the exchange of ideas becomes an essential part of the artistic experience.

ARCO Madrid stands as the ideal place to explore new artistic expressions and discover emerging talents in the international contemporary art scene. From local artists with unique perspectives to global discoveries dazzling with creativity, the fair provides a platform for those seeking fresh and exciting experiences. Witness firsthand the work of emerging artists shaping the future of contemporary art, turning this fair into a unique opportunity to discover new voices in the art world.

Another opportunity ARCO Madrid 2024 offers is immersive experiences that will challenge your senses. From interactive installations enveloping you in a world of creativity to live performances breaking with traditional contemplation, the fair offers a sensory journey beyond conventional limits. Experience art in an entirely new way, allowing your imagination to run wild and take you to unexplored places. ARCO Madrid invites you to live art to the fullest, creating unforgettable memories through unique and immersive experiences.

Before your visit, check the program, review the schedule of events and talks to not miss any interesting activities. Plan your day to ensure you experience everything ARCO Madrid has to offer. If you're interested in acquiring artworks, research the participating galleries and artists in advance. This will allow you to maximize your time and focus on the pieces that captivate you the most.

Hotel Cortezo, Your Haven of Comfort and Art

To make the most of your experience at ARCO Madrid, we recommend staying at Hotel Cortezo, strategically located to facilitate your access to the fair and the charms of the city. This renowned hotel offers a wide range of services, from comfortable rooms to top-notch facilities. Enjoy the comfort and hospitality of Hotel Cortezo, making your stay as exceptional as ARCO Madrid itself. Immerse yourself in contemporary art and make your visit to Madrid an unforgettable experience!